Month: June 2017

Shifting Gears

There are times in life when we’ve been full speed ahead, caught up in our daily responsibilities and forgetting the true purpose for which our Creator placed us on this earth. In our distracted state, we disappoint him. Our prayers too often consist of hurried requests in times of desperation, when what he really deserves is our wholehearted disclosure, trust, and love.Image result for manual gear shift images

In moments like this, I remember all the ways I’ve fallen short, all the wrongs I’ve tried to right, only to realize the futility of my attempts. After trying to do everything on my own, I remember I have the power at any time to give him control. So I shift gears, turn my attention to him, and let him take the pain and replace it with joy. It’s never too late, because every second, the Ruler of the universe is watching and waiting for us to stop, listen and let him take our mistakes and leave them in the dust of our past.

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