Month: March 2017

Time and Relativity

I was looking at a few pictures of downtown Winchester I have in my collection from working on Through the Eyes of A Veteran, and realized I have pictures of the same scene spanning 124 years. Call me a history dork, but I thought I would share them with you.

This picture was taken in 1882 during a circus parade. It’s looking south from what is now Piccadilly down Loudoun.

This photo is a little lower in quality, mostly because it was taking during a blizzard in 1899. Can you see the shape of the buildings? It’s the same scene.

This was taken in 1974 after the renovations were finished converting the former two-way street into a walking mall. Again, you can see the shape of the buildings with The Floor Shop on the right.

I took this from my car because I’m a wimp and it was too cold to get out. It’s a good thing there wasn’t anyone behind me, because clearly I should be turning left. It’s a slightly different angle, so you can see the large building on the left and just a little of The Floor Shop sign on the right.

It’s amazing how time changes things. In this span of 124 years, we see more than a lifetime of alterations to this simple street. Yet, to God this is just a blink of an eye. It’s amazing to think of all that He has seen. Time is relative to Him; it helps us remember the big picture, and that He is bigger than all the streets and historical buildings that make up this ever-changing world.


Image 1 and 2: ¬†Stewart Bell Jr. Archives. Article from The Winchester Star. “Loudoun Street Mall, A Place to See and Be Seen, Over Four Centuries. Published May 20, 2013.

Image 3: Photo by Joe Nowell for the Winchester Evening Star. “Loudoun St. Mall.” November 19, 1974.