Love In All Its Forms


The 14th of February has traditionally been set aside for couples. Although I usually enjoy this holiday, with its plethora of sugar and hallmark endorsements, in the past it seemed many would forget the other forms of love that deserve celebration, those that would incorporate the whole population.

Recently, I have come to see a change in the general view of Valentine’s Day, love, and all that these entail. Valentines are passed around classrooms, and families exchange small presents, but often we forget what we are celebrating: love. It comes in all forms, levels and emotions. Typically, Valentine’s Day has celebrated eros, or love that holds physical attraction at its center. Phileo, the love we feel for friends, tends to last longer and grow over the years. The love we feel for family, storge, also increases over time and gives us more of a reason to celebrate every year. It’s a natural, protective love. Agape is by far the strongest, most powerful love. It’s unconditional and everlasting. Many strive for it, but find it difficult to achieve. It’s the love God has for us, and is unselfish, sacrificing and enduring.

So in all of its forms, love is the reason we celebrate on the 14th, and this encompasses every human on earth, because every person is loved in some way. So bring on the sugar-induced comas and cheesy heart-shaped candles, because everyone is included this holiday.









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