Month: June 2016

A View of the World

I was digging through my old cassettes the other day to find some to use for a craft. Curiosity got the best of me, and I couldn’t help listening to one of the mixed tapes my best friend had made for me circa 1999. I popped it in my Chevy’s neglected cassette player, and found it was a horrid mix of Backstreet Boys, Vitamin C and NSync. Despite this, as I listened, I found myself in a simpler time. As I drove through the town I grew up in, I realized few things remain unchanged. The landscape and buildings are different, most childhood friends have moved away; most notably, I have a husband at home and a kid in the back seat. As I look in the rear view mirror, I remember that though not much has changed on the outside, I am also very different than I was the last time I listened to this tape.


The world can change so much in a mere 17 years; to consider how much it has changed since its inception is unfathomable. It’s amazing to think, that with everything else changing around us, God is always the same. He has watched everything from numerous wars and the division of continents to the alteration of governments and styles. The sounds of 90’s boy bands assailing my ears was worth the reminder that through it all, He remains the just, loving, and omnipotent Being who loves us despite everything—our pride, indiscretions, and substandard taste in music.

world in hands