The Changing Tide

Everyone considers change an inevitable part of life; it’s as sure as the sunset and as random as a mid-west skyline. For the most part, we understand the need to adapt to the changes in our lives, whether seemingly positive or negative. The variation in our lives are like the ocean. The waves are constant like our existence, yet the sand is always shifting, with the tide ebbing and flowing as it’s pulled by the gravity of the moon.



Although it comes easier to some than others, we have been designed with a similar and imperative ability to adjust to the alterations in our lives. When the changes are positive, we celebrate, and when they are negative we do our best to cope. Remember that these challenges in life can bring us down or make us stronger. Most of us would make an attempt at the latter. So no matter what the next day holds, focus on taking the changes in your life and not only allowing them to occur, but embracing the spontaneity and unpredictability that is part of the world we live in.

Need a little inspiration? As usual, I have a song, (or two), for everything.

Blind Melon- “Change”

A Cursive Memory- “Changes”