Month: February 2016

The Blank Page


In most cases, a writer’s greatest fear comes when they are looking at that blank word document with the taunting blinking line and the mind matches the emptiness of that page. I finished my Associate’s Degree in December, and with numerous essays and papers in my distant memory and a seemingly higher understanding of literature, I find myself looking at a blank screen. Although I learned a great deal, and will never regret going back to school, never in the process of my education did they explain the publishing process or the art of submitting a query. Despite this, the blank page of my writing career is liberating. Although I previously self-published a book, I feel like I am a different person than I was at that time, and can take my career down any avenue. I want to connect with readers where they are now, and fill the empty pages with new adventures and characters who come to life.

I believe writing is simple in nature: write what you know and love, and meld this with topics that interest others. Thus far, my blogs have been a mixture of discussions of human nature, my inner thoughts, and music, none of which are probably of any any interest to many readers. I am going to delve into the world of freelance writing for a while, hoping to find clients who need proofreading, copywriting, or pretty much anything in between. So until I find that niche that will interest readers, this blog will continue as it has-random and slowly evolving over time. It will most likely encourage, discuss a current topic, or share a new book or album of interest.

I am not one to take the expected route, and believe there are multiple ways to one destination or goal. I look forward to this new page (pun intended) in my writing career and hope this blog informs, encourages and entertains as lives and interests change over time.

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